"Once destroyed, natures beauty cannot be replaced at any price" - Ansel Adams

Fine Art Printing

There is more to fine art photography than just professionally reproduced images, simply printed and mounted for one’s viewing pleasure. Fine Art Photography captures a single moment frozen in time. It is a glimpse of a deeper emotion, a unique interpretation of the artist’s vision, canvased for the eyes of the world. In its true nature, Fine art photography is also a widow into the soul and mind of the photographer.

In order to guarantee the best quality fine art prints, each image is carefully prepared by the artist, before printing at the fine art print studio. The materials used by the master printers are imported, acid-free, rag papers from Hahnemuhle and Innova, or archival-quality fine art canvas from Hahnemuhle and Epson. The prints are brought to life with the use of archival grade pigmented inks that ensure the permanence of colour and tone.

Limited Edition Wildlife Prints

Purchasing a limited edition print is a lifelong investment. I carefully select each image by fulfilling certain criteria that represent the personal and emotional connection felt between me, my artwork and the subjects that I photograph. Exclusive experiences and intimate moods are tangibly portrayed by each individually selected image. Each limited edition print is accompanied by a water-marked certificate of authenticity detailing a brief scene description, the edition number and artists signature. The edition sizes of each image may vary at my discretion and the price per edition of a particular image will appreciate by ±10% succeeding each print sale. This is to ensure that your limited edition is a worthwhile investment. Due to the creative importance of the images composition, all limited edition prints have a unique aspect ratio and fixed size.

To browse my Limited Edition gallery and to make a purchase, please click on the image bellow.

Limited Edition Gallery

Open Edition Wildlife Prints

Open edition prints have no limit in their print run and therefore, are not hand signed or numbered, but my original hand-scribbled signature is reproduced in the bottom right corner of the image. Otherwise my open edition prints are each printed using the same archival quality as that utilized in the production of the limited edition prints. You will also have the freedom to select both print size and medium to your preference.

To browse my open edition prints price list or view my gallery and make a purchase, please click on the images bellow and follow the link.

Purchasing & Shipping Details

All prints priced in USD and are shipped unframed, not matted or mounted. Prints are carefully rolled, sealed and shipped in a rigid postal tube to ensure safe delivery to the buyer. The cost for shipping is NOT INCLUDED for buyers outside the borders of South Africa. When applicable, a separate invoice for shipping costs will be sent to the buyer, once the order has been weighed and the exact shipping price has been determined. Depending on the destination, the order may take up to one month for delivery, as I must first ensure quality control, before it can be sealed and sent off via a reputable international courier company.